All flight operations from and to Berlin gradually move to BER. For tourists to Berlin, only zones AB and ABC are generally of interest. Travel validity. Tickets are priced (in euros) for zones AB (2.80), BC (3.10), or ABC (3.40). We offer you great deals, discounts and tickets. Who and what you can take with you. Zone C is the area around Berlin. Why Berlin WelcomeCard? We're open from 08:00 to 20:00, 7 days a week. If you are flying into Airport Berlin Brandenburg BERG or planning to visit Potsdam, we recommend the ABC ticket. If you should buy your WelcomeCard at a ticket machine, you can pick up your booklet at the Berlin Tourist Info later. Chat On Facebook or Twitter. BERLIN — Some 300 soldiers are taking part in a trial run ahead of the opening of a large vaccination center in Berlin, slipping into the role of elderly people who will be among the first to get the coronavirus shots. Zone B is located outside the S-Bahn Ring up to the city limits. Section A comprises the Berlin inner city up to and including the S-Bahn Ring. Tram. At the beginning of the year Berlin recorded a double-digit growth in room nights, and visitBerlin expects a further positive development during the months to come. Just 3 minutes to get the right Berlin WelcomeCard for you. When you buy a ticket – either from a ticket agent or a machine – you must select or say which zones you need. Also on this site. Here in the official shop of Berlin-Tourism . Almost all the major sightseeing spots in Berlin are in the AB zone, which covers the center of Berlin. We place particular value upon a successful blend of regional classics, international dishes, and individual creations. The 48-hour and 72-hour tickets are valid for exactly 48 hours or 72 hours from the time they are first validated. Information for Berlin Visitors. Get Berlin's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. The airline, which has suffered heavy losses, hopes to be able to offer more flights again, particularly to overseas destinations. The Berlin tram is a very useful means of transportation for both Berliners and tourists. You cannot extend the Berlin WelcomeCard AB fare zone by adding a single connection ticket for the C fare zone. Tariff Zones and Berlin’s Public Transportation System. One journey in one direction; changes permitted Round and return trips are not permitted. €2.00 - reduced fare €1.50. We move Berlin: Our public transportation keeps the capital city running, 365 days a year, all day and night. Can I change it at the airport with an ABC zone … Berlin can be easily reached through the existing airports Schönefeld and Tegel; all flights to and from Berlin can be carried out as scheduled. For example, Berlin has three zones: A, B and C – with A being in the center, B further out, and C on the outskirts. You may make as many stops or transfers as you like during the two-hour period of validity, however, the ticket is not valid for return or round trips. Tram Taxi. Berlin's public transport system includes the U-Bahn (subway/underground), S-Bahn (light rail), buses and trams. three children up to 14 years old (children under 6, one suitcase and one dog travel free) 48 hours - 28,00 € 72 hours - 38,00 € 72 hours + Museum Island - 59,00 € 4 days - 45,00 € 5 days - 49,00 € 6 days - 52,00 € Download: Berlin WelcomeCard-Flyer » Berlin WelcomeCard Book online. Simple and secure online payment . +++ November 11st, 2020: November 11th, 2020: Spahn sees "signs of change" Berlin (dpa) - Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn sees signs of a positive change in the corona infection situation in Germany. Answer 1 of 2: Good evening! I have allready bought through internet a Berlin welcome card for AB Zones. New apartments and a future-oriented technology park will be built on the site of the former airport. Terminal 5 has its own stop on the Heathrow Express and Piccadilly Line, and prides itself on being “the home of luxury shopping.” There are plenty of great restaurants to try, including Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food. The United States, United Kingdom, and France controlled western portions of the city, while Soviet troops controlled the eastern sector. You don't have a plan? visitBerlin Blog. Your WelcomeCard for zones AB will only be valid within these zones. Get an account to manage your travel quickly and easily. save list for stops. Berlin is divided into three basic tariff zones for public transportation ticket purposes. Find the travel option that best suits you. Tickets and Fares Back. To this end we use fresh ingredients to the greatest possible extent and prefer regional and seasonal products. The first one focuses on the inner city and zones AB while the second one also covers Potsdam and Schoenefeld airport within zones ABC. Our hotel is well-known for its opulent buffet breakfast and modern cuisine. My flight changed and we land at Schonefeld. If you have bought a WelcomeCard for zones AB and want to travel within zone C, you cannot use an extension ticket to do this. Berlin is divided into 3 tariff zones. The fare area of the Transportation Association Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) covers the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg including their rural districts and the cities of Brandenburg a.d.H., Cottbus, Frankfurt (Oder) and Potsdam. The only three permissible air corridors to Berlin. From purchasing and validating tickets to planning your route, discover exactly how to navigate the German capital's transport network, whether you are looking to travel by S-Bahn, U-Bahn, tram or bus! How long is my ticket valid? We love Berlin and know our city. Call Charges apply 0343 222 1234 Textphone 0800 112 3456 Write. Contactless and Oyster account. Emergency call & Hotlines ; Machine malfunction ; Lost & Found Service ; If Trainservice is interrupted: Digital information options ; Route Map ; Tickets . Tickets. We do! Make sure you validate your ticket! Fare Zone Berlin; Shipping Costs; Voucher Redemption Office; BERLIN'S OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE. Explore our complete guide to getting around Berlin by public transport. Fast shipping! Zone A, B and C. The zone A is the city center and the suburban train (S-Bahn) ring. Berlin is divided into the fare zones A, B and C for which you will need an appropriate travel ticket to use the public transport service (including bus & rail). Fare zones Berlin is a part of the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (Berlin-Brandenburg Transit Authority, VBB), which means ticketing and fare systems are unified with that of the surrounding state of Brandenburg. New urban quarter. The city is divided into three different fare zones: A, B and C. The A zone covers the area within the circle line of the Ringbahn (the inner city), while the B zone covers the area between the inner city and city limits. Travel validity. Subscribe. Sectors of divided Berlin. Reserve mobile phone zone or quiet zone Working in first class If you want to use first class as a mobile office, the firm table at your seat is ideal for office work. Visitberlin Newsletter. Most flights to Berlin from Heathrow Airport leave from Terminal 5, although some leave from Terminal 2. Berlin fare zones A, B and C for which you will need an appropriate travel ticket to use the transport service (bus & rail, tram). Berlin’s Airports ; Central Bus Station (ZOB) Central Rail Station (Hauptbahnhof) Practical Help on the Way . 2 hours in Berlin fare zones. Zone C is the area around Berlin. If you want to read about Berlin’s transport tickets and travel cards, check out the following article: Berlin Transport Tickets and Fares. The VBB-Fare Explained . Fares with the Zone M Zone M Zone M - 1 Zone M - 2 Zone M - 3 Zone M - 4 Zone M - 5 Zone M - 6 15,00 € 16,40 € 17,20 € 20,00 € 22,30 € 24,70 € 26,40 € Soviet zone and the Allies' rights of access to Berlin.