The games give the player the opportunity to bring up a translucent memo screen they can write on using the stylus to work out their answer before submission. With the help of Don Paolo (whom Layton explains was originally named Paul), Celeste, Inspector Chelmey, Luke, and Flora, Layton successfully deactivates the weapon and saves the real London from further destruction. Manga Entertainment released a full English dub of the film on home video in the United Kingdom on October 18, 2010, which Viz Media republished in North America on November 8, 2011. It is spring, the season of new beginnings, and a new class of students is about to begin their studies at the First National Magic University Affiliated High School, nickname: First High. A vain and selfish buck, Ronno desires the doe Faline, but only for lust. Professor Layton[a] is a puzzle adventure[1] video game series and transmedia franchise developed by Level-5. The puzzles are not timed, though some require correct timing, and others, such as mazes and sliding puzzles, may challenge the player to achieve completion in a limited number of moves. [56], The series went on to become one of the most successful Nintendo DS exclusive series, with the lifetime cumulative sales of the first four Professor Layton games standing at 10 million units sold in October 2010,[57] and 11.47 million unit sales worldwide for the franchise ahead of the release of Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask in February 2011. When designing the game, he thought about what kind of character would make an "interesting lead". This community holds stories in which a Potter is a professor at Hogwarts, be it James, Lily, or Harry. Diabolical Box was also included in the "Level-5 Premium Silver" and "Gold" collections on Nintendo DS alongside another Level-5 game, Inazuma Eleven. The second and third books, Reiton-kyōju to Kaijin Goddo (レイトン教授と怪人ゴッド, Lit. Jean Descole soon appears, however, and reveals that the Akbadain ruins were the last of the Azran Legacies. Curious Village contains a total of 135 regular puzzles, while Diabolical Box contains 153, Unwound Future 168 (the latter two having another special puzzle obtained via the use of codes found in the previous game), Last Specter 170, Miracle Mask 150 (165 in the "Plus" edition), Azran Legacy 165, and Millionaires' Conspiracy 185. Each game features an additional set of three unique meta-puzzle minigames that can be accessed at any time through the pause menu "Layton's Trunk". As Bronev is apprehended by the police, he tells Layton that his given name is Theodore Bronev, but Layton refuses to accept this as his real name or recognize Bronev as his father. Finally, Celeste reveals to Layton she is in fact his true love Claire, and that the lab accident ten years prior successfully sent her ten years into the future. However, Layton and his companions are able to stop the golems before any more damage is caused. [1] Professor Layton was also derived in part from Phoenix Wright (from Capcom's Ace Attorney franchise). [10] In the seventh main title Layton's Mystery Journey, Professor Layton disappears under mysterious circumstances, prompting his daughter, Katrielle Layton, to go looking for him.[11][12]. It is also revealed that Katrielle Layton is not the professor's biological daughter. While his older … [34] A second film was initially planned for release between the fifth and sixth instalments, but failed to materialise. According to Hino, Layton is partly inspired by the character of Phoenix Wright of the Ace Attorney series. From then on, Theodore Bronev would be known as Hershel Layton. Several spin-off titles have been released for the series featuring the character, including social network game Professor Layton Royale and Nintendo 3DS title Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Was born Aug 27, 1962 - Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA. The puzzles take the form of brain teasers, most of which are only loosely tied to the plot, developed for the first six games under the oversight of Akira Tago, famous for his best-selling Mental Gymnastics series. This is the story of the world's greatest civilization. The property consists primarily of seven main video games, a mobile spin-off, an animated theatrical film, and an anime television series, while additionally incorporating an array of secondary titles and media including a crossover game with Capcom's Ace Attorney series. Often, when interacting with a person or object, the player will be presented with a puzzle, valued at a certain number of "picarats", a type of point system within the game. It is not necessary to solve all the puzzles to progress, but some are mandatory, and at certain points in the game a minimum number of puzzles must be solved before the story can continue. The wiki currently has had 27,766 Edits over 1,112 Articles with 1,673 Images and has been expanding since October 24, 2016. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney announcement trailer. Professor Gerald Robotnik (プロフェッサー・ジェラルド・ロボトニック, Purofessā Jerarudo Robotonikku?) Boogie, is the main antagonist of the 2012 horror film Sinister and its 2015 sequel Sinister 2. [3], The idea behind the Professor Layton formula was a direct result of series creator Akihiro Hino's childhood love of Akira Tago's popular Atama no Taisou series of puzzle books, which have sold more than 12 million copies to date in Japan.[4]. Welcome to the Rokuaka Wiki, a wiki dedicated to the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor light novels by Tarō Hitsuji and the manga and anime produced from them. Cracked columnist Luke McKinney listed Professor Layton as third in a list of eight archaeologists who are not good at their job, saying that most of his conclusions are impossible to believe. [5] Both have reprised their roles for each successive game in the series as well as the animated movie, with Miller being the only cast member who reprises his role in the games' European releases.[6][7]. Each story features one or more original locales, each with their own unique geographies and local population. [55], Nintendo Power listed series mascot Professor Layton as their 10th favorite hero, citing his use of brains over brawn. They consist of Professor Layton and the Wandering Castle in 2008, Professor Layton and the Phantom Deity in 2009, and Professor Layton and the Illusory Forest in 2010. Professor Layton is based on the idea of an English gentleman, and is a professor of archaeology at the fictional Gressenheller University in London. Mr. Ten years prior, Allen was responsible for the accidental death of Layton's fiancé Claire, who worked as the scientist's lab assistant. After it was restocked in the UK, sales of Professor Layton increased 54%, moving it from 10th place to fourth place. The game was noted to have little replay value; once all the puzzles were solved, there was no point in playing through them again. Luke Triton is the deuteragonist of the Professor Layton series. Claire explains that despite Allen's best efforts to save her, her trip through time is temporary and that she will shortly return to the moment in which she was killed in the lab explosion. 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[5] Luke and Layton's character designs, including the latter's iconic top hat, were the work of Takuzō Nagano, whose brief included the requirement of recognisability by form and colour palette, particularly at small sizes. [54] The UK's Official Nintendo Magazine awarded the game a score of 92% (and consequently their Gold Award medal), praising the increased number of puzzles, animated scenes and voice acting, but complained that it could be slightly repetitive at times. Lyman Banner, known in Japan as Daitokuji (大徳寺, Daitokuji) is a teacher, a fabled alchemist, as well as a member of the Shadow Riders under the name Amnael, Banner largely supports the protagonists for most of the first season of the series, though he is directly responsible for numerous events meant to orchestrate the revival of the Sacred Beasts. "Professor Layton and the Cheerful Mystery"), is mainly directed toward children and features characters Luke and Flora trying to answer such mysteries as "what is under Professor Layton's hat"? ... It’s chaos on Melemele Island as a group of small, mysterious Pokémon devour all the metal in sight! He also appears in an animated movie, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, and has featured in manga and novels that have not been released in English. Lyric songs, lyric search, words to song, song words, anime music, video game music, Megumi Hayashibara lyrics. From this idea, he created Professor Layton and his young apprentice, Luke Triton. (4,600,000,000 years prior Creation of the Pokémon world, as referenced by Bill. [4] For English-language releases in the series, Nintendo selected American voice actor Christopher Robin Miller. [3] Level-5 enlisted television personalities to voice characters from the game, such as Yo Oizumi being chosen to voice Professor Layton within Japan. He and Luke are locked up in some coma-like state, inside coffins from what they called the Relics Treasure: a device that serves as a door to the future. After Layton exposes his presumed evil future self as Dimitri Allen, he deduces that he and his friends never traveled through time but instead were transported to a duplicate of London built beneath the original city. The Professor Layton series has been generally successful in the UK, the US, and Japan. [2], Japanese video game series developed by Level-5, This article is about the video game series. It received positive reviews from the first six countries, but has not yet been talked about in reviews in America and Canada. [20], The character has met some criticism, as well. He is the son of Professor Layton's friend Clark Triton, and is the professor's self-proclaimed apprentice. This time, he and his companions investigate a 'living mummy' who appears to be a girl named Aurora. According to Famitsu, the game had sold 815,369 copies in Japan as of July 9, 2008. When they leave it, they find themselves in the future London. In a period that spanned over 5, 000 years, Egypt profoundly shaped the course of human history. [22] Kyle Gray, creator of Henry Hatsworth, was more aggressive, stating that Henry Hatsworth is the man you'd call to "save the world from an impending collision with an alternate dimension",[23] while Professor Layton is the sort of person to call "if you need someone to find your missing cat.". He is called to solve various mysteries in different places, due to his connections to various people and his wide range of expertise. If the player permanently leaves an area or otherwise significantly progresses the plot, puzzles they have yet to find and/or solve are regularly compiled and placed into a collection, often in the form of a "Puzzle Shack" owned by a character known as "Granny Riddleton", or with the aforementioned Riddleton's cat, "Keats", which they can return to and attempt to resolve later. 1 Design 1.1 … Its great Pharaohs left behind a legacy of gigantic pyramids and gold-laden tombs, and yet its culture was shaped by myriad inventors, heroes, heroines, villains, artisans, scholars and explorers. Finally, in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, which wraps up the original trilogy, Layton and Luke attend a demonstration of a 'time machine', a failed experiment that leads to the disappearance of both the lead scientist Dimitri Allen and the prime minister, Bill Hawks. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 … He possesses a realm of his own and can travel into the mortal world via images of himself. Also, the human race is put in jeopardy when Bronev's uncompromising attitude unleashes an Azran golem horde that terrorizes Froenberg. Hyper's Darren Wells commends the game for its "clever concept, with plenty to solve and unlock as well as its fantastic presentation". The player (as Professor Layton, Luke, and other characters) explores their environment in the manner of a point-and-click adventure game, using the touch screen to talk with non-player characters, learn more about the environment, or locate hidden secrets such as "hint coins" that may be used during puzzles. [1] What came to mind was the concept of a famous detective and his assistant, in the manner of Sherlock Holmes. If you're looking for good Netflix anime, you'll find it here. [18] UGO Networks placed Layton first on their list of "The Coolest Helmets and Headgear in Video Games". Solving the puzzle correctly will earn the player that many picarats, but a wrong answer will initially reduce the value a small amount on subsequent attempts down to a minimal picarat number. Prior to its cancellation, players of the four DS games could use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service to connect to the internet and access a "weekly puzzle" service, whereby they could download a new puzzle for each week following a game's release for a set period; later mainline 3DS games would expand on this with a year-long daily puzzle service via the Nintendo Network. Tokyopop has released all four volumes in German under the name Professor Layton und seine lustigen Fälle. When he was very young, a cultlike organisation named Targent kidnapped both of his parents for their knowledge of the Azran civilization, leaving Theodore and Hershel behind alone in the house. Other reviewers felt that these two genres do not merge well within the game; Game Informer noted that while the player is given numerous small puzzles to solve, the mysteries of the main plot are basically solved for the player. After Descole rescues Luke from danger and finds himself on the brink of life and death, he states that Leon Bronev is his and Layton's father, and Layton remembers that he is Descole's younger brother. Katrielle was born on a sinking ship and was rescued by Luke, who brought her to Professor Layton. In order to progress the plot, the player is required to solve specific puzzles, or to solve a minimum number of puzzles. Humour manga intended for child audiences was first serialized in February 2008 in the special edition of Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic. An anime television series, titled Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katori no Nazotoki File, starring the characters of Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy and featuring the original two series protagonists, began airing in Japan on April 8, 2018. Completing the story and minigames also unlocks a series of especially difficult puzzles, known as "Layton's Challenges". Following this, Luke Triton asks to become his apprentice; Layton obliges. The chapters also included puzzles for the readers to solve. We can say that Itachi is Professor Snape of the Naruto world (Harry Potter fans will understand perfectly). Kaijin Goddo has Professor Layton investigating a series of art thefts performed by the eponymous "Phantom Deity"; Gen'ei no Mori has him exploring a strange village within the "Forest of Illusion" in search of his assistant, Emmy, who has been kidnapped. Professor Layton was designed by Akihiro Hino, CEO of Level-5. The main character of the original Layton games is Professor Hershel Layton, a renowned archaeologist and professor at Gressenheller University, as well as a polite and well-spoken gentleman. Add a photo to this gallery. Jasmine debuted in Fight for the Light!, where she interrupted Ash's Gym battle because her apprentice Janina was pretending to be the official Gym Leader.Jasmine went on to dismiss Janina for impersonating her and also covering her Onix in wax to repel normally effective Water attacks. Jasmine apologized to Ash on Janina's behalf, and added that she would battle … He is an ancient Babylonian pagan deity who consumes the souls of human children. For the titular character, see, Professor Layton and the Diabolical/Pandora's Box, Professor Layton and the Unwound/Lost Future, Professor Layton and the Last Specter/Spectre's Call, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box/Pandora's Box, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future/Lost Future, Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katori no Nazotoki File, "Nintendo's Official Home for Professor Layton", "New Titles Announced at "LEVEL-5 Vision 2016: New Heroes" Event", "If it Weren't for This Book, Professor Layton Wouldn't Exist", "Inafune surprised Layton/Wright happened", "Level 5's new game's genre is unknown? The games employ an integrated structure of adventure-style exploration, dialogue sequences, and regular story-prompted puzzle solving. Claire gives Layton his top hat as a present just before he becomes a professor of archaeology at Gressenheller University, ten years before the events of Professor Layton and the Unwound/Lost Future. Eventually, Layton deduces that the Masked Gentleman is Randall Ascot, his best friend from high school, who was presumed to have fallen to his death in the Akbadian ruins eighteen years prior but had actually survived (albeit with amnesia). Then, eighteen years before the events of Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Hershel Layton is in high school and undergoes an archaeological expedition with his close friend, Randall Ascot. "Professor Layton and the Wandering Castle") takes place during the original trilogy of games, in which Professor Layton and company try to solve the mystery of a floating castle believed to contain the people who had recently vanished from the city of London. They meet with a woman who claims to be Claire's sister, Celeste, who is trying to piece together what actually happened to Claire. In Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Angela Ledore, an old high school friend of Layton's, calls Layton to the town of Monte d'Or to investigate the self-proclaimed Masked Gentleman who has been performing terrifying 'miracles' using the power of an artifact called the Mask of Chaos. [2], The idea to voice the characters, despite the idea being uncommon on the Nintendo DS at that time,[1] came about as a means to attract casual players who had purchased Brain Age but were skeptical about playing other, more complex video games. If the player is stuck, they may spend one hint coin to receive a hint. Aside from Eternal Diva, Professor Layton has also appeared in manga and in novels. Curious Village received generally positive reviews from critics. [19] Similarly, Game Pro included him in a list of "The 17 Best Pieces of Headwear in Gaming", placing Layton 15th. To be considered for inclusion, the story must be edited, with at least PASSABLE (as in I don't have to work too hard to understand) grammar and spelling, and of course, have a plot. Nintendo Power said that Professor Layton was one of their favorite new characters during their 2008 award, with writer Justin Cheng saying that Curious Village's characters, especially Professor Layton and his apprentice Luke, were a reason why the game was so memorable and engaging. The professor decided to adopt her. Professor Chaos later meets Dougie and … The English setting of the games was also inspired by these mystery stories. Creator: ACI100 Series Begun: 2020-03-14 Series Updated: 2021-01-10 Description: AU: When Voldemort attacked the Potters on Halloween night, she not only created a living legend in Charlus Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, but she touched the life of another just as deeply. Some reviewers praised the game for the successful combination with 1UP commenting on how the game's approach is much better than games where the puzzles were integrated into the environment. is the tenth of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors.1 He is a living mass of chaotic matter analogous to the Primordial Sea, created from the accumulation of the lives of 666 creatures. [9] Though Professor Layton does not appear in the iOS title Layton Brothers: Mystery Room, the game focuses on his son,[10] Alfendi Layton (アルフェンディ・レイトン, Arufendi Reiton), who is a renowned detective for Scotland Yard and works in the eponymous Mystery Room with his assistant Lucy Baker (ルーシー・クレイラ, Rūshī Kureira) to solve crimes. Professor Hershel Layton (エルシャール・レイトン教授, Erushāru Reiton-kyōju) is the eponymous main protagonist of the Professor Layton series, created by Level-5, in which he and his apprentice Luke Triton investigate mysteries while solving various brain teasers. This is a wiki where everyone can help out by adding and editing articles! Each title features a series of puzzles and mysteries provided by the citizens of locales that the main characters explore. [17] GamesRadar further placed him at number 22 in a list of the 50 best game characters of the generation. 1 Profile 1.1 Background 1.2 Appearance 1.3 Personality 2 Role 2.1 Tsukihime 2.2 Melty Blood 3 Abilities 3.1 Battle 3.2 Beasts 3.3 Death 4 … A week after the demonstration, Layton and Luke receive a letter purported to be from Luke himself, ten years into the future, in dire need of assistance, and they are asked to go to a clock shop on the edge of town. Three books based on the Professor Layton series were also published, though they have only been made available in Japan. Another game, initially planned for 3DS and mobile, dubbed Layton 7, was announced in 2013, featuring the Professor as a selectable avatar in a mafia-style social game. Professor Layton is featured heavily in Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, an animated movie based on the series that takes place between Last Specter and Miracle Mask. Time Details The beginning of time Arceus appears in the darkness in the form of an Egg.After hatching, it creates the universe. As part of the "second series" of the franchise, a feature-length anime film directed by Masakazu Hashimoto, titled Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, was released in Japanese theaters on December 19, 2009. At the start of Professor Layton and the Last Specter, Professor Layton receives a letter from a friend of his, Clark Triton, who asks for help regarding a specter terrorizing his town of Misthallery at night. Three volumes have been released, but none of them in English. (2,000,000 years prior First Pokémon, as dated by archaeology. It was released in the UK on the 18th of October, with a full English dub. While the two explore the Akbadain ruins, they accidentally activate a trap, which leads to the presumed death of Randall. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box was considered to be a major improvement from the original. [21], Since the release of Curious Village, Professor Layton has been compared with several new characters from later titles, including Henry Hatsworth (of EA Tiburon's Nintendo DS title Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure) and Doctor Lautrec (of Konami's Nintendo 3DS title Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights).