Questions to help determine if industrial recycling is right for you…

1. How do I know if the VIM Waste Diversion Program is right for my Company?

Are you a mid-sized/large manufacturing company spending over $1,000.00 per month in garbage costs – if so, VIM may be able to assist in meeting your business goals. 

2. Is there a fee to have a sales representative talk with/begin the waste diversion process?

There is no fee to have one of our trained staff members make an onsite visit.

3. Do you have a local drop off for household recyclables?

VIM, is an industrial recycler, so therefore, we do not accept consumer recyclables. 

4. What separates you from the company we are currently working with (waste or recycler)?

Everything can be included on one trailer, photos and weights of all unloads, comprehensive reporting, destruction services, full maintenance, etc.  “One-stop-shop” concept. 

5. What sort of contracts are required?

VIM operates without the use of a contract

6. Can you service our plant in (State X)?

We operate in over 20 states – we can almost certainly help you in other locations

7. How does VIM track the recyclables value?

The market values for materials change monthly.  By detailing our costs, it allows VIM to pay our customers the market value for the materials continuously.

8.  What is the lead time to have our materials picked up?

Normally this is dependent on the location of the customer, and the amount they can hold.  VIM prides itself on quick logistic turnaround.