Thank You for showing interest in the Xtractor. With today’s ever-increasing volume and continually higher levels of packaged products being produced, the need for proper handling of this material is extremely important. With higher levels of pressure being applied by the E.P.A. to control materials going into landfills as well as product liabilities, the much needed aspect of recycling is becoming an ever more important way of life. The XTRACTOR has certainly found a place in our current lives!

The XTRACTOR has been designed to be useful and beneficial for many applications and yet it has been kept user friendly. It makes no difference what type of packaged product you are have: Bottled product (P.E.T.), aluminum cans, plastic pouches, aseptic packaging, or any other type of package, we can remove the liquid from your package, without creating a housekeeping nightmare!

The large capacity hopper design allows your product to be loaded into the XTRAXTOR in many different ways. Loading can include: being conveyor fed, a hydraulic cart dumper, and of course the hopper can be loaded manually. The product passes through a perforator then falls into a large volume “charge chamber” opening. The ram then cycles carrying the material forward. (This machine can be programmed with “auto cycle” or can be manually operated.) The material now moves forward into the de-watering chamber; where the real work takes place. The hydraulic ram forces the packages forward into the front of the dewatering chamber, bursting them. The liquid escapes through over 800 holes! The solid product is held in place by a hydraulically controlled plenum door. This creates a log of solid material. The plenum door is computer controlled by PLC controls. It senses the pressure being generated against it. Once the proper pressure level is reached, all the packaged material (which is now void of any liquid!) is allowed to move forward, and the log that has been created migrates forward. This “log” can now be easy transported away.

Once the liquid is released from your packages through the dewatering chamber, the liquid is simply controlled by containment doors and forced into the liquid collection pan. This pan is located below the length of the de-watering chamber, and the body of the machine. This pan has a 70-gallon capacity with a 4-inch drain for discharge, piping, or pumping. This will handle even the largest volumes of liquid and/or any suspended material. To ensure that the drain stays open and free flowing there is a “in pan screen” to capture any labels, or large pieces of debris that may have found their way into the collection pan; which slides conveniently out the front of the XTRACTOR for periodic housekeeping.