Strap Chopper

How it Works

Just introduce the material (banding) into the in-feed funnel. The feedworks (pinch roll) will then grab the material and pull it into the rotating knife path. The feedworks will continue to pull at a rate of 106 feet per minute until the material is consumed or the operator releases the feed works via the release lever.

Construction Features

    • Easy to reach “Feedworks Release” hand lever
    • Infeed Funnel with “Anti-Kickback” flap
    • Knives can be rotated (4 times) for extended life
    • Hinged front guard allows for easy routine ser-vice
    • Lincoln TEFC motor
    • Full one year warranty


    • 120 feet per minute of plastic strapping
    • Cut length – 3”
    • 1 HP motor


    • Fits a gaylord on a pallet
    • Limit switch on the door
    • Overall dimensions – 5’Lx5’Wx4’H


    • Feed opening – 3 1/2” x 1”
    • Overall dimensions – 36”Lx26”Wx13”H
    • Weight – 350lbs


    • Single phase 120 volt 60hz
    • Single phase 240 volt 60hz