High Density Extruder Application:

The High Density Extruders are Generally Used to Dewater Solids that are Saturated by Liquids, Removing Liquid From Wet Refuse or to Separate Packaged Liquids from the Packaging. Incoming Solids are generally over 12%.

Dewatering Applications 

    • Pulp & Paper Rejects
    • Metal Grinding Coolant Recovery
    • Fiberglass Waste

Package Separation Applications

    • Dairy
    • Yogurt
    • Aseptic

Solid Results

High Density Extruder normally reduces swarf (sludge) weight and volume by 30% to 50%, providing a dry cake product which can be recy-cled locally at considerable cost savings.

Liquid Results

View of liquid collection pan beneath extruder, showing liquids extracted from wet metal grinding swarf. Extraction of such fluids can typically result in the removal of 30% to 50% of the sludge weight and volume while also producing a dry solids cake product. Often, when oil is used as the grinding coolant, recovery of oil separated by the extruder can provide a very attractive short term payback.