Other Recyclables

To process your glass we will determine:

    • How your glass will best be contained (e.g. gaylords, drums).
    • Whether to separate different colors (clear, brown, green).

    • Good pallets (48 x 40 4-way entry) should be separated from scrap wood. Such pallets can often be used in house or sold to others.
    • Scrap wood can include odd size pallets, broken pieces of wood, wood spools, crates and plywood. Larger pieces should be stacked together while the smaller shorter boards should be placed in gaylord type boxes.

VIM will provide a full recycling service for this waxy cardboard. It must be kept separate from clean cardboard. VIM will provide a baling machine to compress waxy cardboard into marketable blocks. VIM will train all of the employees who will be utilizing the baler. VIM will service this baler and will move and market all of your waxy covered cardboard bales.

The type of baling unit will depend on your volume and space restrictions. These cardboard bales will stack neatly and will be easy to transport.

Wax covered cardboard boxes need not be broken down either, because it can be thrown into the baler as it is generated, including any staples and tape holding the boxes together.

Click here to download our Drum Container brochure

VIM can recycle all approved drums generated in your plant:

    • VIM will put a comprehensive program together for you that will include removal and processing of all drums.
    • We will need to know the type and volume of all drums (metal, plastic or fiber) and their sizes (e.g., 5 – 55 gallon).
    • All drums must be RICRA empty for VIM to haul them away.